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Harriet Derman, J.S.C. (Ret)

Harriet Derman, J.S. C., is a retired judge. She is a member of the prestigious American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, as well as the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. Retired Judge Derman has a LLM in Taxation from New York University. Indeed, as an Assembly Woman, Judge Derman sponsored the S corporation and limited liability company legislation in New Jersey.


Judge Derman was a judge for eleven years before she retired from the Bench. Judge Derman served as the Presiding Judge of the Civil Division and as Chancery Judge for three counties: Somerset; Hunterdon; and Warren. A Chancery Judge in New Jersey presides over a Court of Equity, similar to Delaware’s Chancery Court. Judge Derman  was also the Probate Judge in Somerset County.

Judge Derman’s mediation work has been focused on commercial issues: business and succession disputes;  Will and Trust disputes, often for high asset families; and  employment discrimination. Judge Derman has conducted private arbitrations, including a multi-million-dollar contract  dispute, and American Arbitration Association assigned cases, also involving commercial and employment disputes.

Judge Derman has served as a Special Discovery  and Fee Master for both federal and state courts. She has been appointed by courts to terminate Employee Benefit Plans and distribute the proceeds and to auction a disputed ambulatory care center. 

Judge Derman is an approved New Jersey Federal District Court Mediator.


Judge Derman's areas of experience are listed below.

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Retired Judge Derman's Areas of Focus

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Professional Malpractice

Business Dissolution

Estates and Trusts

Will Contests (Undue Influence; Lack of Testamentary Capacity)

Family Planning and Succession

Fee Disputes

Fiduciary Duty

Finance and Foreclosure

Property Damage

Real Estate

Restrictive Covenants

Homeowner Association Disputes (Coop and Condo)

Contract: Formation, Interpretation, Breach

Directors and Officers (Errors and Omissions)

Discrimination: Age; Gender; Racial; Disability; Equal Pay

Harassment: Quid Pro Quo and Workplace

Common Law Fraud and Consumer Fraud

Construction Law


Elder, Guardianships, Powers of Attorney

Employment: Independent Contractor v. Employee; Donning and Doffing; Retaliatory Discharge; Wrongful Termination; Whistleblower

Intellectual Property

Lender Liability

Mergers and Acquisitions

Partnership, Shareholder and Limited Liability Disputes

Shareholder Derivative Actions

Subrogation and Coverage and Time on the Risk

Injunctive and Temporary Restraining Orders

Trade Secrets

Unfair Competition

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